Nabis Marine Contractors

THE CHALLENGE Nabis Marine is a marine contracting company that has operated on the Sunshine Coast for 25 years. They needed a covered area where they could undertake sandblasting and painting. They also had highly corrosive, expensive machinery that needed to be protected from the weather. THE SOLUTION We were able to construct 2x 40x20ft …

Doval Constructions

THE CHALLENGE Doval Constructions is a private construction company responsible for several infrastructure projects throughout Queensland. As such, the private firm needed shelters throughout Queensland to improve logistics and coordination for their construction project. THE SOLUTION We constructed several 40x20ft container domes for Doval Constructions at strategic sites to store their equipment. THE RESULTS Doval …

Auto Recycling Industries

THE CHALLENGE Auto Recycling Industries needed a shelter to stock their spare parts, which consisted of bars, doors, bonnets and many other parts. THE SOLUTION After much planning and coordination, we designed and built two full height rack domes for Auto Recycling Industries. The domes had the capacity Auto Recycling Industries needed to store their …

United Forklifts

THE CHALLENGE United Forklifts sells CAT Forklifts and cranes and needed a sturdy, reliable shelter that could protect their merchandise. THE SOLUTION After much deliberation, we decided that two 40x20ft container domes were the best choice to meet United Forklift’s needs. The new domes were tall and wide enough to comfortably accommodate several forklifts while …

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