Can a shelter container be used in events and tourism

Can a shelter container be used in events and tourism

We have discussed container dome shelters in the context of industry and agriculture, but did you know that a shelter container can be used for events and tourism? The Australian tourism industry generates over AU$57.3 billion dollars during 2017-2018. Events are also a robust industry, with weddings, parties and concerts generating a substantial return on […]

Tips for buying a container dome for businesses

In our previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of a container dome shelter. However, we have yet to discuss the key factors businesses should consider when investing in a dome shelter. Despite their strength and versatility, container domes are not uniform structures. Domes come with different modifications and hence, businesses need to make sure […]

6 Reasons for businesses to invest in a container shelter

Be it for building new homes or offices, shipping containers are quickly becoming a popular feature in construction, giving rise to several new structures, like container domes and container shelters. While there is some skepticism from professional architects, businesses continue to use shipping containers because they have become a must-have asset for businesses in Australia. […]

Storm Domes International

It’s been a while in the making but we are partnering with Storm Domes International to become the nationwide distributor, as well as NZ and the Pacific Islands. This is a very high grade shelter with state of the art engineering that can withstand cat 3+ storms and up. We have had many inquiries from […]

New Portable Bathroom Range

We are excited to announce our new range of portable bathroom/ablution blocks have arrived! These units can be a great addition to your compound setup, or ideal for more of a temporary solution such as mining or construction sites, being able to relocate easily from site to site with the built in fork and crane […]

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