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Specialising in strong, durable, and versatile Galvanised Steel Container Dome Shelters, we cater to an extensive range of commercial and industrial installations across Australia. Our commitment to quality and service makes us the go-to choice for Australian businesses seeking reliable, versatile, robust and weatherproof dome shelter solutions.
Choose from various widths and configurations to fit 20ft and 40ft GP and HC containers.

Dome Shelters

Dome Shelters

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Container Dome Shelter Kits

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Quality Domes Direct offers solid, reliable dome shelter solutions for your business.

Our container domes provide a safe, durable space that keeps your operations running smoothly, even in harsh weather conditions. With Quality Domes Direct, you’re getting straightforward protection and peace of mind for your most important gear.

Our dome shelters and portable bathrooms are built to withstand the toughest weather conditions Australia has to offer, including extreme heat and tropical storms. Engineered to Australian standards, our products are designed to provide reliable protection for your machinery, tools and assets.










Add-Ons and Post-Mounted Shelters

Single Row Post Container Shelter

End Walls. Durable Steel Frame

Front Walls. Includes Large Entry Door

Double Row Post Mounted Shelter

Huge Range of General Shelters

Portable Small Car, Boat Shelters

Large Car, Small Truck Shelters

Caravan, Mobile Home Shelters

Waterproof Livestock Shelters

Large Workshop Shelters

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Agricultural Shelters

20ft Container Shelter

40ft Container Shelter

6 x 6m Livestock Shelter

4 x 4m Livestock Shelter

Portable Bathrooms and Toilets

Portable Single Toilet. Fully Transportable.

Portable Mens/Womens Toilets and Hand Basin

Portable Full Bathroom
With Shower

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which Dome Shelter is right for my needs?

It all depends on what you want to use the space for, and how much available space you have on site. A typical 20×20 (6m x 6m) shelter creates 36 m2 of undercover space, which is enough to comfortably park 5 average-sized cars.

Can I get a quote on a container shelter?

Yes, simply choose which type of shelter you need. Chose from shipping container dome shelters, post and rail formats, workshop shelters, livestock shelters, vehicle shelters and motor home/caravan shelters.

Do I always need containers to set up the dome shelter?

You don’t always need 2 shipping containers…no. Dome shelters can be attached to steel posts and bearers. Our single and double row shelter kits be anchored onto concrete pillars, retaining walls, and concrete slabs. With a single row post kit, one side sits on a container and the other on the posts. This is a perfect solution when there is limited space and 2 shipping containers side-by-side can’t be used.

Do I need special shipping containers?

Every shipping container dome shelter we supply can be fitted to 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers, including General Purpose and High Cube.

What sizes of container dome shelters are available?

Given there are 2 major sizes of shipping container used for dome shelters, 20ft/6m and 40ft/12m, our sizes refer to the width of the dome itself. When using 2 x 20foot shipping container as the base for the shelter, choose from three widths, 12 foot, 26 foot and 33 foot. This is the total width of the span of the dome at the bottom edge. The metric sizes are 6m, 8m and 10m widths which can be connected to 20 foot/6m long shipping containers. These width are based on fitting the dome structure to the inner top edge of both shipping containers, although, they can also be fitted to the outer edges of the container.

Is there any welding involved?

Our Quicklock domes shelters require no welding at all, and feature an array of bolt-on components, clamps and fittings. We can supply 33x40ft, 40x40ft, 60x40ft, 70x40ft and 80x40ft industrial-grade shelters which are welded to the containers.

Do the Dome Shelter kits come with everything required to build it for the price quoted?

Each Quality Domes Direct Dome Shelter Kit contains every component required, including base plates, trusses, roof purlins, bracing, tension tubes, angle seats, ropes, fasteners, straps and ratchets. Basic hand tools, including electric drill (battery preferred), sockets and spanners are all you need.

What’s the widest dome shelter to fit a 20ft/40ft container?

The widest dome we supply is 80 feet or just over 23 metres.  These industrial-grade dome shelters feature double truss engineering, solid steel support posts, additional roof purlins, bracing and welded base plates.

Are the shelters wind rated?

Shelters are rated for Australian wind region B; they can withstand winds up to 180 km, and engineering certificates can be supplied. We can also advise you of the wind rating requirements in your location.

Is the dome shelter structure and roof covered by a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 10-Year Warranty on the steel frame structure, and a 10-Year Warranty on the PVC covers.

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