20x20ft 6mx6m container dome shelter with end wall. 3D render 45 degree angle

Ready to Ship: Container Dome Shelters in Stock

Instant Availability: Container Dome Shelters in Stock

At Quality Domes Direct, we understand that when you need a shelter, you need it fast. That’s why we maintain a large inventory of container domed shelters ready for immediate dispatch, right here in our massive warehouse and transit facility based on the Gold Coast.
Our warehouse is stocked with a wide range of container dome shelters and every other kind of general shelters and portable bathrooms, ensuring that whatever your needs, we have a solution ready to go. In most cases it’s a 24-Hour shipping turnaround from order confirmation and payment receipt.

We pride ourselves on our ability to ship anywhere in Australia within 24 hours of order confirmation. When you choose us, you’re choosing speed and reliability.

Gold Coast Warehouse and Transit Hub: Strategically Located for Swift Delivery

Our state-of-the-art warehouse and transit hub is strategically positioned close to the M1 motorway for fast and easy access to major freight routes, enabling us to  dispatch your order quickly and efficiently.

freight delivery container dome shelters on truck

Hassle-Free Delivery Process – We Handle the Logistics

As part of our service to you, we’ve partnered with dozens of highly respected national transport and logistics companies, heavy haulage carriers and local/regional delivery providers to provide reliable and responsive nationwide freight delivery network. We did this because investing in a quality shelter is one thing, but one of the biggest challenges is also getting it to your location. Considering the lightest shipping container dome shelter we ship is 366kg, with some of the larger 80foot diameter shelters container in several crates weighing over 1 tonne, there’s a few steps that need to be completed in order to get the shelter successfully delivered.

The receiver’s responsibility. Key points to mention.

Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions

We leverage our relationships with our carriers to secure the most competitive rates, passing the savings on to you. Our goal is to provide not just the fastest, but also the most affordable shipping option for your needs.

shipping container dome crates stacked, ready for delivery. Quality Domes Direct.

Packaging and Shipping Preparation

Our shelters are expertly packaged in solid metal crates which have also been welded and strapped securely at the point of manufacture. We do this to ensure every shelter has been protected from accidental damage in transit, therefore arriving in perfect condition, ready for easy assembly.

freight delivery container dome shelters on truck

Customer-driven Solutions

Our approach to inventory management is driven by the needs of our customers, that’s why our popular size shelters are always in stock. Don’t wait weeks or months for your shelter. Our in-stock shelters are ready to ship, helping you meet tight deadlines and urgent the undercover work space and storage needs of your business. From compact storage and vehicle shelters to expansive industrial shipping container shelters, we have the range of options and the local stock available – ready to ship.

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Need more information or ready to order? Fill out our quick quote form below or call us at 0483 949 849. Our team is standing by to assist you with your shelter needs and provide a competitive quote for delivery to your location. Remember, when you need a quality shelter fast, Quality Domes Direct has you covered. Order today and have your shelter on its way to you – FAST!

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