Container Dome Shelters Features and Benefits

40 foot container dome shelter. Double truss design, with end wall for added weatherproofing.

Unlock Unmatched Durability & Versatility with Our Australian-Made Dome Shelters

Dome Shelters Can Transform Your Space

Welcome to the future of on-site shelters, where quality design and materials mean long term peace of mind. Our quality dome shelters are not just structures; when you purchase one, your commitment to safeguarding your machinery, assets, and operations against the damage from all sorts of weather conditions means you’re a future-thinking owner making the most of their business opportunities. Engineered for rapid installation and supreme durability, our domed shelters will stand the test of time and can evolve as your business grows and your intended use of the shelter changes. Choose excellence, choose sustainability, choose Quality Domes Direct – where the best choice you can make is in shipping container dome shelters is right here.

There are many features and benefits to owning a container mounted dome shelter, although not every shelter needs shipping containers. Choose from a variety of configurations, such as single post mounted, double post mounted (where the posts are either concreted into the ground, or mounted on a concrete slab or block), wall mounted (perfect for storing and sheltering organic and all kinds of building materials). There is also an option to mix and match 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) shipping containers with single post mounted shelters, giving you complete control of how you want to use the shelter.

Benefits of a Quality Domes Direct Dome Shelter

    • Everything you need to build the shelter is supplied
    • Eco-friendly design, can be reused time and time again
    • Straightforward assembly and installation
    • No special tools required
    • Strong, durable design – built to last (average industry-wide WHS lifespan approx 15 years)
    • Galvanised steel frame design with high tensile galvanised fittings and accessories
    • Quicklock ‘no-weld’ design for rapid assembly
    • Welded base plate options for larger structures
    • Single or double truss engineered designed
    • 10-Year Warranty on the steel structure and roof cover
    • Waterproof and flame retardant
    • Built to withstand sun, high winds, rain, snow, frost and snow
    • Durability in Harsh Conditions – built to withstand extreme weather, including cyclonic conditions, ensuring asset protection.
    • Multiple container and post configurations
    • Competitive prices and quality service
    • Delivery anywhere in Australia and across the world


Looking at purchasing a Container Dome Shelter?

Here are some of the features and benefits you can expect from a Quality Domes Direct Dome Shelter.

  1. Built to Last – Our dome shelters are quality built using superior quality materials. We understand Australia has a multitude of weather conditions, that’s why we engineer extra toughness and longevity into every one of our shelters. Whether it’s a 40 foot double-stacked, 70 foot wide opening shelter, or a 36m2 storage area using 2 x 20ft containers, we’ve got the perfect undercover shade shelter to suit your needs.
  2. Rapid and Easy Installation – The quick setup and assembly process means you can build your new dome shelter fast, with minimal disruption to your business. With detailed assembly instructions, you’ll be able to build a shelter in a weekend (maybe sooner) and start using the newly created space, knowing what’s undercover is now completely protected from the weather.
  3. Flexible and Customisable Designs – Every dome shelter we offer can be tailored to meet just about every configuration, from size adjustments to functional customisations for larger industrial or commercial projects. Don’t be wedged in, the Quality Domes Direct team will work with you to create the perfect storage solution you always wanted.
  4. Durability in Harsh Conditions – Built to withstand Australia’s extreme weather, including high winds , driving rain, searing heat, extreme cold and even snow, we’ve designed our domes to be the ultimate asset protection. Backed by a 10-Year Warranty on the galvanised steel frame and the strong UV protected PVC cover, you’ll never have to worry about a thing.
  5. Versatile Utility – Dome shelters serve multiple purposes, from storage and operational spaces to comfortable work environments. They instantly transform a dead space into a fully functioning, weatherproofed space, where you can continue your business operations no matter what is happening outside. You’ll never lose precious production time, or be waiting around for the weather to clear before beginning work again. For larger projects where keeping the production line moving, or ensuring large teams are always on the go, undercover work environments are essential.
  6. No Foundation Required – Easy setup on various foundations without the need for pre-built foundations. In most cases, a shipping container dome shelter set up is pretty straightforward. Once the site has been prepared to set each shipping container the correct distance apart, constructing one of our shelters is a straightforward process. With different configurations of container and post, or double post dome shelter construction, the foundations may be concrete slab and shipping container configurations, or steel posts set into the ground and concreted in. Whichever configuration you choose, a solid foundation is the first step to ensuring the shelter meets your expectations. Don’t take shortcuts either. Think about the site of the shelter. Is it prone to flooding and water runoff from surrounding buildings? Also consider the volume of water collected on a typical shelter roof. Where will it naturally run, and will it affect how you use the undercover shelter?
  7. Global Delivery – Although Quality Domes Direct is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, with partner locations in Victoria, NSW and WA, we have the capacity to deliver shelters to customers worldwide.
  8. Eco-friendly and Relocatable – Designed with sustainability in mind, our dome shelters can be dismantled and moved. Repurposing is a major consideration for our design team, because we understand that over time, our customer’s needs change.
  9. Comprehensive 10-Year Warranties – Quality Domes Direct offer complete peace of mind with extensive 10-Year Warranties on the galvanised steel frame and UV protected PVC roof cover reflecting confidence in product quality. Remove the stress and worry, we’ve got you covered for 10 years, and when you consider the investment required, even the biggest container dome shelters we offer makes a dome shelter a great investment that won’t break the bank.

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