Container-Mounted Dome Shelters-

12 April, 2024Container-Mounted Dome Shelters

Container Dome Shelters

People buy dome shelters because of their strength, reliability and longevity.

When it comes to shelter solutions for your business, container-mounted dome shelters stand out from other forms of shelters. These steel and PVC fabric structures combine the strength and reliability of traditional General Purpose (GP), or High Cube (HC) shipping containers with the flexibility of steel truss and UV-resistant fabric-covered domes, making them ideal for a wide range of applications and uses.

Let’s delve into the specifics of these unique and affordable shelters and explore why they’re gaining popularity across the commercial and industrial sectors in Australia.

Design of Container-Mounted Dome Shelters

The Container Base

At the core of these shelters is the traditional, yet sturdy 20ft or 40ft shipping container. Originally designed for cargo transport, we all know how shipping containers have found a second life as the foundation for dome shelters, and even houses. Their inherent strength and stackability makes them an excellent choice for creating a solid base structure for an outdoor shed. Whether you’re safeguarding specialised equipment, setting up a temporary workspace, or storing materials away from the weather, container-mounted shelters offer a sturdy and reliable option – plus they cost way less than a steel frame shed.

Sleek, Curved Steel Framework

Container mounted domes really come into their own and stand apart from other types of shelters because of the curved steel framework which forms the roof structure. The carefully engineered curve of each dome tube (round or square tube) ensures effective wind resistance, and overall structural integrity. The galvanised steel framework, stretching the entire length of the shipping container, provides the shelter’s roof shape, and adds strength and stability to the entire structure.

Versatility in Container-mounted Shelters

Temporary Workshops and Warehouses

Need a quick workshop for repairs or assembly/storage operations? These container-mounted shelters are exactly what you need. Their open design allows natural light to illuminate the interior, reducing the need to spend more money on artificial lighting during daytime operations. Plus, the containers themselves provides secure storage for expensive tools and equipment.

Used in all types of Environments

In rugged and often remote environments such as mine sites, shipping container shelters offer a safe haven for specialised mining equipment, and are big and tall enough to house the biggest of mining haul trucks, especially when the roof structure is mounted on double or triple-stacked containers.

Shield vital machinery from harsh weather, store supplies, and create a comfortable break area for hardworking crews by protecting them from the heat, cold and rain. The container-mounted dome shelter adapts to the changing needs of a mine site – or any other industrial or commercial site, because it can be disassembled, moved to a new location and simply rebuilt. Building a container dome shelter is relatively straight forward, especially when digital and printable assembly manuals are supplied with every Quality Domes Direct container-mounted dome shelter, so there’s always a plan to follow if you’re not sure how to proceed.

Waste Management and Recycling Centers

Managing waste efficiently requires covered spaces. These container-mounted shelters accommodate everything from recycling stations to compost piles. Their UV, PVC weather-resistant, long-lasting fabric cover and back/front walls (optional) keep odors contained while allowing proper ventilation to flow through the space.

Aviation and Aircraft Maintenance

Airports and aviation hubs benefit from container-mounted shelters too. It’s easy to park maintenance vehicles, small planes and helicopters undercover, away from the damaging effects of rain, hail and even snow in some places. With so much storage area undercover, vehicle parking as well as aircraft spare parts storage and temporary aircraft repair bays are some of the benefits. The curved design minimises wind resistance, ensuring stability even in wind-prone locations.

Where Strength Meets Agility

Container-mounted dome shelters are more than just steel and PVC fabric structures; they’re the quick-build and affordable solution to solving many storage and work area restrictions. Adding a fitted back or front wall (with large entry door) to the container-mounted shelter creates another level of weatherproofing and security.

With a Quality Domes Direct container-mounted dome shelter, complete with back and front walls, you’ve created a totally secure and safe space, away from the weather.

So, the next time your work or hobby areas are affected by scorching sun, biting winds, or pouring rain—consider mounting one of our dome shelters on shipping containers. They’re easy to build, long-lasting (10-Year Warranty on the steel roof structure and PVC roof and walls – and have 100’s of uses.

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