Tips for buying a container dome for businesses-

27 August, 2019Tips for buying a container dome for businesses

In our previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of a container dome shelter. However, we have yet to discuss the key factors businesses should consider when investing in a dome shelter. Despite their strength and versatility, container domes are not uniform structures. Domes come with different modifications and hence, businesses need to make sure they are selecting the right container shelter to get the best return from their investment. Knowing what to look for (or at least what you are paying for) makes it much easier when budgeting for an off-site location.

Here are a few factors that businesses should take into consideration:


Offsite facilities will be set in harsh conditions, therefore, the container dome should be built in such a way to withstand extreme heat and other tough conditions. Container domes will be used to shelter people, equipment, and livestock, assets that amount to thousands of Australian dollars. Durable container domes are built with durable fabric and are supported with steel rigging.

Fitting the intended purpose

A container dome is a versatile structure, but the onus is on the business to make sure that the dome shelters they invest in fulfil their intended purpose. The mounting system, height, width and length can be adjusted depending on the needs of the business. There is even the option to add end-walls to enclose the container dome or choose between sea containers or post-mounted containers. Warehouses, livestock shelters, tyre depots and aviation hangars have different requirements and businesses have to account for their needs before investing in a container dome.

Enabling natural light

The fabric that makes up the container dome should be tough and durable, but it should also allow natural light into the dome. A dome that allows natural light in is valuable in the long run because the business does not have to spend heavily on a comprehensive lighting system. In addition to cost-saving, natural light does not leave any shadows or dark corners. Many industrial businesses value a well-lit area for storage, especially if they plan to store machinery and chemical equipment.

Maintaining a cool temperature

Temperatures in Australia range from 15-30°C, so managing internal temperature is extremely important. Whether it is storing machinery or hosting an event, businesses do not want the interior of the container dome to be hot. These conditions are uncomfortable to work in and are not ideal for storing equipment. Hence, the ability to repel heat is an important feature that businesses need to consider. Domes made from UV stabilised material can reflect sun rays without absorbing heat.


A prime reason businesses invest in container domes is because the shelter can be relocated and used for future projects. As a result of this, businesses should carefully consider if the container shelter can be relocated easily to a different location once the project is done.


A container dome should be cyclone-rated, so it can withstand even the fiercest wind conditions. Dome shelters not built for cyclone protection can be a liability when bad weather hits because they endanger both the assets and people inside. Hence, any business should aim to get a container dome that matches the wind rating of the region they are working in. Australian regions get different cyclone ratings ranging from A (lowest risk) to D (highest risk) based on a variety of conditions such as geographical location, exposure level and the likelihood of cyclones.

Sound muffling

Will the container dome be used for storage or work? Depending on how it will be used, businesses should consider whether noise can be muffled under the dome. Dome shelters can limit how far sound travels, which reduces how far echoes travel across the surface. Most dome shelters are built using proprietary material to muffle sound, so businesses should ask about noise reduction capacity when searching for their shelter.


Container domes shouldn’t just be tough, they should be light enough to not place a huge burden on the steel membrane. Shipping containers can bear a lot of weight, but the steel membrane that holds up the entire infrastructure may not. If the dome is too heavy it reduces the lifespan of the container shelter, hurting the return on investment for the business. The best container dome shelters are durable and lightweight.

Why should you invest in a container dome?

A container dome is one of the most versatile and durable assets a business can invest in. While most container domes are built to meet the most demanding conditions, taking the time to make sure the shelter meets all their needs can make a huge difference down the line. This is especially the case when dealing with sensitive assets, where less than optimal conditions can compromise quality.

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