Quicklock Shipping Container Shelter Fixing System*

quicklock galvanised steel shipping container shelter parts

Quicklock Base Plate and Base Rail Assembly

A concise, technical overview of the key features and installation process for the Quality Domes Direct shipping container-mounted steel framed shelters.

The Quicklock container mounted fixing system is a critical component that ensures the overall structure is securely anchored to the shipping containers and can withstand heavy environmental loads.

The Quality Domes Direct Quicklock Base Plate and Base Rail Assembly serves as the primary attachment point between the shelter frame trusses and the shipping containers. The base plate utilises a Quicklock design that seamlessly integrates with the existing corner casting fittings on top of the shipping containers.

quicklock container dome shelter fixing system

This allows for quick and easy installation, with 10mm Hex leveling screws to ensure the plate is properly level and aligned. The base rails themselves are made from galvanized steel square tubing, and fit together using a male-female connection which is securely joined by the use of a galvanised steel plate with 4 holes and M10 galvanised bolts. The steel base railed are then securely clamped to the container’s roof edge using specialised C-clamps and bolts.

This creates a robust connection point for the shelter’s roof trusses. The modular nature of the base plate and rail components enables flexibility in accommodating varying container configurations.

This adaptability, combined with the durable galvanized steel construction, ensures the foundation can reliably support the large, high-clearance shelter while withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

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