40ft Double Row Post Set

40ft Double Row Post Set

40ft Double Row Post Set

Available in 20ft/6m to 70ft/21m wide configurations.

Free-Standing Pole Sets are an ideal solution for a dome shelter as they are:

  • Ideal for tight spaces, as the width of the containers is not included in the post-mounted, free-standing structure.
  • Using posts instead of containers can be a more cost-effective mounting solution, especially if containers are not readily available on-site.
  • Quick and easy to install. (This setup features a welded truss plate connection).
  • Cooler than using shipping containers as there is increased airflow.
  • Open Access: The open design of post-mounted shelters provides 360-degree access for personnel and equipment, as well as natural ventilation. 
  • Can be transported to remote sites more easily, as the components are supplied in kit form.
  • Durable in all weather conditions.
  • The pole sets provides ample space for vehicles and other equipment.

Note: Weld-on roof truss base plates. Roof structure and cover sold separately.


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Structural Overview

The post and bearer system is made from hot-dip galvanized steel and consists of 3 components.

  • Base plate spigot with 200mm x 200mm welded base.
  • Support post with 450mm x 100mm welded top plate.
  • Top eaves beam for a stable truss base plate connection.

Detailed Component Overview

  • Galvanised steel posts 2.6m long, 100mm x 100mm x 3mm thick.
  • The posts are the same height as a General Purpose shipping container, providing ample headroom under the outer edges of the shelter.
  • Base plate upright connectors, 89mm x 89mm x 3mm thick square tube.
  • Base fittings consist of a 200mm x 200mm plate welded to the bottom, containing 4 x 12mm holes, allowing the base plate to be securely anchored to the foundation.
  • High Cube container version is available soon.

Bearer and Top Plate

  • Running along the top of the support posts is the galvanised steel eaves beam, 2 x 3 metres long, 120mm x 50mm x 3mm thick.
  • The eaves beam sits on top of the support post and rests on a 450mm long top plate, which is also welded to the top of the support post.
  • Each top plate has 12 holes, 6 on each side.
  • The eaves beam is securely TEK screwed to the underside of the bearer via the pre-drilled holes.

Roof Truss Connection

Once the post and eaves beam are assembled and secured, the truss base plates can be welded to the eaves beam. A bolt-on truss anchoring plate version is also available as a double truss shelter. Find out more about the 40x40ft (12x12m) Double Truss Quicklock Industrial Grade Dome here.


Space-Saving Solutions

Post-mounted shelter designs are the perfect solution when ground space is limited, and shipping containers are not an option. For instance;

  1. Traditional container dome shelters are attached to the inside edge (or outside edge) of the shipping container, which adds an extra 2.44m of footprint width on each side of the dome. 4.88 width in total.
  2. Using post sets allow you to assemble the dome with a smaller footprint width, as the dome is not constrained by the additional with of the container
  3. The range of shelter widths available still provide the same undercover area underneath the dome if it were spaced between 2 shipping containers.
  4. This post-mounted solution is ideal for spaces that have limited ground area available, as it allows you to make the most of the usable space without requiring a larger overall footprint.

In simple terms, the post-mounted design gives you the same shelter coverage as a 2 x container-mounted one, but with a smaller ground footprint. This makes it a great option when space is limited, as you can still get the full benefits of the dome shelter without needing as much ground area.


See our setup guides for spacing of the support posts.

Use our post sets for.

Workshops and Garages

These post sets can be used for workshops or garages, providing more square meter area in your sheltered space for various tasks, repairs and maintenance work.

Livestock and Agricultural Use

They create a safe environment for animals and equipment with minimum disruption to the ground cover.

Event and Exhibition Spaces

Post sets can be used to transform your undercover container dome shelter area and be used as temporary event venues, exhibition spaces, or pop-up shops for fairs, markets, and special events.

Construction and Industrial Sites

Our post sets are often used as  break areas for workers. They provide shelter, airflow and a controlled environment for job sites without using taking up unnecessary ground area by using a shipping container as a bracket.

Vehicle and Boat Shelter

Our post sets can house vehicles, including cars, trucks, and boats, protecting them from weather conditions, UV exposure, and vandalism.

Our versatile pole sets offer flexibility and protection in various settings, making them valuable assets for both personal and commercial purposes.


Our container dome shelters feature a robust and reliable frame designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. Crafted from high-quality, hot-dip galvanized steel, the frame offers exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability. Engineered to meet stringent Australian standards, this post set frame provides structural integrity that can endure heavy winds and challenging weather. With its sturdy construction, you can trust that the post kits and domed shelters are built to last, offering both peace of mind and unbeatable protection for your valuable assets

Our Warranty

At Quality Domes Direct, customer satisfaction and the longevity of your post set is of extreme importance to us. That’s why we proudly offer a 10-year warranty on the post set and roof structure, and a 10-year warranty on our resilient PVC fabric roof covers.

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase, as we aim to provide you with reliable, long-lasting service that offers peace of mind and an ever-lasting partnership. Your trust in our products is the cornerstone of our success, and we are dedicated to delivering excellence every step of the way.

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