60x40ft (18x12m) Double Truss Industrial Grade Dome, With 1/2 Front and Back Wall

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60x40ft (18x12m) Double Truss Industrial Grade Dome, With 1/2 Front and Back Wall

60x40ft (18x12m) Double Truss Industrial Grade Dome, With 1/2 Front and Back Wall

10-Year Warranty on the structure and 900GSM heavy-duty roof cover.

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This Industrial Grade, Double Truss Container Dome Shelter with 1/2 Front and Back Wall included. The welded base plate design is engineered to connect each truss to the top of the conatiner, creating a rigid, semi-permanent fixture capable of withstanding unpredictable weather events. With an extra thick 900GSM PVC dome cover and double truss construction this dome shelter is a popular solution for commercial or industrial projects requiring a strong and durable undercover work space.


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60x40ft (18x12m) Double Truss Industrial Grade Dome, with 1/2 Front and End Wall

This huge 60x40ft Industrial Grade, Double Trussed Dome Shelter, complete with 1/2 Front and End Walls, transforms an open space into a strong, secure, enclosed weatherproof shelter.


    • 5 double truss design arches, each comprised of 7 segments
    • 1/2 front and end walls for additional weatherproofing
    • Welded base plates for a strong, secure connection to shipping containers
    • High tensile roof support posts connected to the double truss frame
    • 3m truss spacing centres
    • 16 extra roof cross bracing purlins
    • Extra heavy-duty UV, PVC 900GSM roof cover
    • 6m dome apex. (8.6 with GP and 8.9 with HC)

Discover the extra space your project demands with this Industrial Grade Dome Shelter, transforming your site into a fortress against the unpredictable Australian weather. When secured on 40ft containers, you’ll instantly create 100’s of cubic metres of storage space.

Shield your site machinery and materials from weather damage, keeping your project on track. Welded onto 40ft shipping containers, with front and rear access, this dome shelter is perfect for large-scale projects.

Once assembled, your new workspace is always operational, secure, and free from stoppages caused by inclement weather. With hassle-free assembly and the flexibility to dismantle, move and rebuild the shelter as your needs change.

Welded Base Plate Design

The double truss roof design significantly enhances the structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of the shelter. Welding the base plates to the containers ensures a permanent, rigid connection that can withstand heavier loads, including heavy rain, snow, or wind.

Welded base plates are exceptionally durable and can better resist the constant vibrations, movements, or environmental stressors typically associated with remote areas and/or industrial settings. This makes this dome shelter a wise choice for long-term use without the need for constant maintenance or anchoring adjustments.

Dome Dimensions
L (m) W (m) H (m)
12 18 6

Double Truss Dome

  • Enhanced Structural Integrity: Our double truss frame design in this 60x40ft/18x12m shelter means superior strength and stability. A dome shelter capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions including high winds, extreme temperatures, and even heavy snow and frost, ensuring protection for machinery, equipment, and personnel.
  • High Load Bearing Capacity: Specifically engineered to handle significant loads, our double truss design makes this ideal for areas prone to persistent adverse weather conditions, or for a structure that requires the additional roof strength to protect expensive heavy equipment and materials stored underneath.
  • Durability and Corrosion Resistance: Constructed from high-grade, corrosion-resistant, gavanised steel, these shelters are designed for longevity and minimal maintenance, even in challenging environmental and weather-prone locations.
  • Customisable and Modular Design: We can advise on and supply a range of shelter configurations to suit any site requirements, including adjustable sizes, the addition of front and end walls, and ventilation systems, ensuring a tailored solution for every need.
  • Cost-Effective Long-Term Solution: While providing immediate protection and operational continuity, the durable and low-maintenance nature of this trussed frame dome shelters represents a cost-effective investment over time, with benefits extending far beyond the initial setup.

Why Choose Our 60x40ft Dome Shelter?

Unmatched Durability

Crafted from high-tensile, UV-resistant, and fire-retardant 900GSM, heavy-duty PVC fabric cover, 1/2 front wall and 1/2 end wall design, supported by a robust, double truss galvanised steel frame. This dome shelter is built to withstand Australia’s harsh weather, heavy winds, snow loads (in NSW, VIC, TAS), and even seismic activities. This high engineering standard guarantees the longevity and resilience that your large-scale projects demand.

Efficient and Easy Assembly

Emphasising how fast these structures can be assembled, our Dome Shelters require minimal tools to build the entire shelter, making them ideal for quick operational start-up even in remote locations. Of course, the span and weight of double trussed structures means additional equipment and lifting gear is essential for a safe construction outcome. The practical, straight forward assembly of this 60x40ft (18x12m) dome, combined with the ability to relocate the shelter as your site evolves, offers unparalleled extensibility and cost-effectiveness.

Modular and Scalable

Tailored to meet the extensive storage requirements of large commercial and industrial projects, the modular design means the whole structure can be disassembled, relocated and rebuilt. Utilising 40 ft shipping containers as a sturdy base, the welded base plate design, adds extra strength for the support trusses.

Comprehensive Protection

Protect your tools, construction supplies, personnel and heavy machinery against environmental conditions. Our shelters serve as weatherproof offices, storage facilities and extended workspaces, ensuring your site operations are unaffected by external weather events, thereby minimising downtime and a continuance of project timelines and project milestones.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Beyond offering immediate operational benefits, our Dome Shelters are an investment in sustainability and efficiency. The use of recyclable materials, energy-saving designs, and the potential for shelter relocation underscore a commitment to environmental responsibility and long-term cost savings.

Engineered for Your Success

Engineered to meet stringent engineering standards and compliance with local building codes, we deliver as promised and you’ll have access to all the technical support and customisation options to fit almost any project requuirement, from ventilation systems, lighting, access door, messanines, internal partitioning and even offices and secioned off work areas.

A 10-Year Warranty

Confidence in our product’s durability and performance is backed by a comprehensive 10-Year Warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of a long-term storage solution for your current project – or the next.

Use our container domes for:

Livestock and Agricultural Use

Container domes of this size are expecially suited to agricultural use, expansive storage areas for cattle feed, hay, machinery and crops ready for market. Container domes with a large footprint are also provide sheltered relief from adverse weather for livestock.

Event and Exhibition Spaces

Container dome shelters can be customised and used as temporary event venues, exhibition spaces, or pop-up weatherproof spaces for fairs, markets, and special events. With a wide range of uses from undercover food and beverage shelters, there’s always going to be a use for sem-permanent, strong shelters.

Construction and Industrial Sites

Larger dome shelters, such as this 60foot wide version are often deployed onto construction sites, and are the preferred solution for equipment storage, and provide the perfect relief break area for workers. Providing shelter and in a relatively controlled environment, many Project Managers and Site Supervisors prefer the use of dome shelters mounted on larger 40 foot containers because they are fast to build, easily disassambled and relocated to another part of the site. As larger civil engineering projects complete each stage, dome shelters offer unparalleled flexibility and are undoubtedly the best solution given the cost and life span.

Vehicle and Boat Shelter

Container dome shelters can house vehicles, including cars, trucks, and boats, protecting them from weather conditions, UV exposure, and even preventing vandalism by hiding valuable craft away from prying eyes.

Our versatile structures offer flexibility and protection in various settings, making them valuable assets for both personal and commercial purposes.

Storage and Warehousing

Container dome shelters are ideal for storing a wide range of items, including equipment, vehicles, tools, and inventory. They offer protection from the elements and help keep stored items secure.

So if you’re thinking about getting a larger steel-framed dome shelter, here’s why it might just be the smartest move for your project or business:

Stands Tough Against the Weather: Whether it’s pouring rain, a heavy frost or even snow in the Southern Reaches and Highlands of VIC, NSW or TAS, howling winds and gale force conditions, or blazing sun in the Pilbara, our container dome shelters are built like a fortress. They’re designed to take on whatever the weather throws at them, ensuring whatever you’ve got inside stays safe and sound.

Space Maximised: Thanks to their curved design, these domed shelters give you loads of room inside. Whether you need to store heavy machinery and large vehicles, mountains of equipment stacked up high on shelving, or set up a functional workspace for your teams, you’re getting the most out of every square metre. In this case you’re getting 216 M2 of undercover space, totally weatherproofed and can be converted into a fully enclosed environment with the addition of a back and front wall with huge pull-up door.

Make It Your Own: Got specific needs? No problem. Our dome shelters can be tailored just for you. Pick the size, color, and any extras you need – like different wall options – to make sure it fits your project like a glove.

Ready for Anything: Need a workshop? Storage area? Or maybe something for agricultural, commercial, industrial, civil engineering use? These dome shelters are all about versatility. They’re a one-size-fits-all, fully adaptable solution that can adapt to whatever you need, making them a smart pick for any project.

Saves You Money: Compared to building a traditional steel structure on a massive concrete slab, going with a container dome shelter can save a lot of money, and make your project budget go further than you imagined. Becasue of how they are made, they’re a lot cheaper to put up since they need fewer materials and less time to install. It’s all about getting a shelter built fast, with no fuss, and having the confidence you made the right decision.

Easy to Keep Up: Once your dome shelter is up, there’s really not much you need to do. The materials and build quality means these shelters are built to last. Forget about spending your time and money on constant repairs or regular maintenance, it doesn’t happen with a dome shelter. Of course, with any large structure of this kind, there needs to be periodical adjustment/tensioning of the roof cover and/or additional walls when required.

Move It If You Need To: Some projects are always fluid. Materials and equipemnt storage requirements can change as time goes by. Things might need to be moved around, and so can these shelters. If you need to pick up and relocate, having a semi-permanent dome shelter means you can easily take it where it’s needed next, saving you the hassle and expense of starting from scratch.

Kind to the Planet: Besides keeping your costs down, these shelters can also be a win for the environment. The design means better natural light and air flow, cutting down on energy use. Plus, they’re a greener choice with less waste compared to traditional building methods.

In short, choosing a container dome shelter is about making a smart, flexible investment that not only saves you money and hassle but also provides a reliable, durable solution for whatever your project or business needs might be.




Our container dome shelters feature a robust and reliable frame designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. Crafted from high-quality, hot galvanized steel, the frame offers exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability. Engineered to meet stringent standards, this frame provides structural integrity that can endure heavy winds, snow loads, and challenging environments. With its sturdy construction, you can trust that our container dome shelter frames are built to last, offering both peace of mind and unbeatable protection for your valuable assets


Our commercial fabric boasts an impressive Industrial Grade 900GSM thickness, crafted from a durable 3-Ply PVC material. This fabric offers a trifecta of essential qualities, making it waterproof to safeguard against moisture, UV-resistant to withstand harsh sunlight, and fire-resistant for added safety. Its formidable construction ensures superior protection and longevity, making it an ideal choice for various applications where reliability and resilience are paramount.

Installation Guide Summary

Note: To ensure precise and correct setup, a comprehensive and detailed installation and assembly guide is included.

1. Container Alignment

Position your shipping containers to align with the predetermined width dimensions of the shelter. This ensures that the entire dome structure will fit securely and maintain stability.

2. Base Rail Assembly

Assemble the steel base rails by joining them together as per instructions. Once assembled, install these rails along the top edge of each container. This forms the foundational support for the arches.

3. Arch Construction

Lay out the arch sections on a flat surface. Carefully attach these sections together to form the complete arch structure. This step requires attention to detail to ensure each section is correctly aligned and securely fastened together.

4. Arch Installation

Proceed to lift each assembled arch one at a time. This step will require lifting equipment depending on the size and weight of the arches. Positioning each arch onto the previously installed base plates on top of the shipping containers, and secure them down.

5. Cover Installation

Start by gently unpacking the shelter cover onto a flat surface. Lift the cover onto one container, then methodically pull one side of the cover up and over the arch to the other container. Secure the edges of the cover firmly, applying the correct tension to ensure a snug and secure fit. This step is crucial for weatherproofing and overall stability of the shelter.

Our Warranty

At Quality Domes Direct, customer satisfaction and the longevity of your valuable asset are of paramount importance to us. That’s why we proudly offer a 10-Year Warranty on our robust frames and a 10-Year Warranty on our resilient covers.

We stand by the quality and durability of our products, ensuring that your investment is safeguarded for years to come.

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase, as we aim to provide you with reliable, long-lasting solutions that offer peace of mind and a lasting partnership. Your trust in our products is the cornerstone of our success, and we are dedicated to delivering excellence every step of the way.


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