How you can use a dome shelter on a farm

Dome shelters are one of the most popular forms of shelter that you can find on farms and construction sites. You can use them to store livestock, work equipment, or grow plants efficiently and cost-effectively. Dome shelters are typically made of woven fabric materials (PVC) fabricated by combining a reinforced aluminium or steel framework with a cylindrical or tubular steel frame. The multipurpose design of these dome shelters, coupled with the low costs, makes them an ideal solution to provide extra storage space on your farming site while still protecting against various environmental factors.

Benefits of using Dome Shelters on a farm

Customizing and Sizing

There is a wide range of container domes available for use in different applications. Some canopies resemble spheres and have been assembled to increase the available space. These domes can also be used as storage for equipment, raw materials, vehicles, and other farming-related accessories. Since many standard options are available, there is no reason why a container dome can’t be customized. Depending on your needs, they can be built up to almost five meters and a dimension that could reach twenty meters or even greater. To stack several containers together to reach such heights, engineers can attach the shelter on top of them and then stack several more containers. It is possible to leave the structure open along one or both sides, leaving only an opening for air circulation and the entrance into the structure.


Even though the fabric used to construct the dome is extremely cheap compared to other construction materials, it has much strength. It is possible to make the steel frame into sections that may be joined together to make it more durable so that the dome shelter can come in small or large sizes. They also have the advantage of surviving extreme weather situations, such as strong winds. With the use of anti-degrading treatments, you can extend the life span of the material, making it suitable for a wide range of covers and shelters that can last for a long period. Because you do not have to worry about replacing these domes if they are damaged, you can use them at your farm without a lot of maintenance.

Construction and Relocation

It is usually lightweight material that can be tensioned to fit different frames. They can be easily assembled on-site due to this feature and conveniently transported from one area to another. As an added advantage, shelters can also be quickly and easily fixed on the containers using bolts. This makes the process of removing them easier. It can be built to suit your needs, from construction shelters to portable structures to storage covers. Moreover, such structures can serve as a powerful protection mechanism against weather conditions, leading to a significant loss of equipment or raw materials on your farm. You should only purchase a container dome from a company you are confident in, such as Container Domes Australia.

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