Can a shelter container be used in events and tourism-

13 September, 2019Can a shelter container be used in events and tourism

We have discussed container dome shelters in the context of industry and agriculture, but did you know that a shelter container can be used for events and tourism? The Australian tourism industry generates over AU$57.3 billion dollars during 2017-2018. Events are also a robust industry, with weddings, parties and concerts generating a substantial return on investment. A shipping container dome can be a great asset at a tourist attraction or an event.


Why a shelter container is perfect for events and tourists


There are several reasons why businesses should invest in a container dome when preparing for their event.


Container domes are cost-effective shelters


A shelter container is the ideal cost-effective shelter for tourism and events. Tourist and event- management companies can invest in a container dome as a shelter for people to stand in or a place to park their vehicles. One of the best parts about using a container dome for a shelter is that it allows the company to scale up or scale down without a massive upfront investment. If the business is doing well, then the company can expand capacity without spending too much money. On the other hand, if the business is not doing well, then the event organisers can sell the container domes and recoup some of the investment. It is much easier to recoup the investment on shelters built from containers than a conventional stand. The low upfront cost combined with the ease of expanding and contracting capacity makes container domes shelters the perfect cost-effective shelters.


Perfect for any event


Whether it is a wedding, corporate conference, company celebration or a community event, container domes are perfectly suited for any occasion because they are so versatile. A shelter container can be customised to match the theme and mood of any occasion. The dome and the fabric can be painted with any colour or decorative scheme to suit the mood and atmosphere of the occasion. Container domes can even be used as infrastructure for certain events, like concerts.


Keeping people safe from heat


The outback is a hotspot for tourists, both literally and figuratively. It is a popular place to visit, but the scorching temperatures can expose people to the dangers of excessive heat and radiation, which can be very dangerous, especially for children. Fortunately, the shelter container is a great asset because it can protect tourists and event attendees from the heat. Most container domes are built with UV fabric and are carefully designed to maintain a cool interior, while also allowing in plenty of natural light. If you need a cool, sunlit shelter that can protect people from the UV rays, then investing in a container shelter is the perfect solution.


Room for amenities


Event attendees and tourists need more than just shelters, they need extra amenities that will make their experience more comfortable. Some of these amenities include, but are not limited to, portable bathrooms and a place for storing drinks. Event organisers can use the often empty interior of the container dome as storage space for these amenities.


Utilisation as a site of entry


Any event organiser or tourist official understands that the site of entry is an important asset for any event. A proper site of entry can be a funnel for customers, capture the attention of passersby and serve as a secure place for collecting entry fees. All these reasons make the shelter container a perfect asset as a site of entry for events and tours. The container shelter can be designed with all sorts of colours along with speakers, lights and other decorative assets to add atmosphere to the occasion.


Container domes are perfect for events and tourism


A shelter container is a perfect asset to prepare for events and tourist hot spots. The durability, customisability and cost-effectiveness of the container domes make it perfect for event organisers and tourist companies who need sturdy, but affordable shelter that can be dismantled and transported to another location when needed. Event organisers can save thousands of dollars because container domes are not too expensive.


One final and key benefit of container domes is that they do not have to concern themselves with the long-term implications of the infrastructure because they can easily be packed up and transported elsewhere when needed.

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