6 Reasons for businesses to invest in a container shelter


Be it for building new homes or offices, shipping containers are quickly becoming a popular feature in construction, giving rise to several new structures, like container domes and container shelters. While there is some skepticism from professional architects, businesses continue to use shipping containers because they have become a must-have asset for businesses in Australia. Whether it is industrial extraction, construction or farming, a container shelter will bring several benefits to businesses that cannot be found elsewhere or in any other way.

In this blog post, we discuss the different reasons businesses should look into investing in a container shelter.

Benefits of building a container dome shelter

Container dome shelters bring several benefits that reduce operational costs, versatility and

Structural integrity


Shipping containers can withstand the corrosive effects of seawater and wind speeds over 100mph. That’s why shipping containers have thick, steel doors and watertight construction to endure these tough conditions. These stringent production standards give shipping containers a long lifespan – a well-maintained container can last over 50 years. Thus, a container shelter is

built on a strong foundation that is structurally sturdy, making it the perfect founding block for a firm, but affordable shelter


Investing in a container dome is not just an investment in a sturdy shelter, it is an investment in environmental preservation. With a container shelter, businesses do not have to build a conventional off-site shelter. There is no need for excavating the ground or purchasing bricks,

mortar, and wood. Furthermore, shipping containers are repurposed after the marine industry no longer has any use of them. There are over 500,000 shipping defunct containers and reusing them reduces the ecological impact of waste.

Cost-effectiveness and temporary requirement fulfillment

Container shelters are a cost-effective option for setting up off-site shelters. With conventional means, businesses have to invest a lot of time and resources because often expensive construction materials have to be purchased, contractors need to be hired and permits need to be approved. With all these challenges, setting up an off-site facility can cost thousands, if not millions of dollars. It is also a significant time sink for companies. However, setting up a container dome shelter is much more affordable and done more quickly, making it a viable option for smaller businesses.

A container shelter is the perfect temporary facility for any business. The shelter can be used for several short-term operations, like storing freshly extracted raw materials. Businesses do not have to invest significant amounts of capital into temporary shelters, allowing them to pack up and leave when needed.


A container shelter is a versatile setup that can be repurposed for several reasons. Whether they need a shelter to store raw materials, equipment or even a temporary office, container shelters can be leveraged to meet any business need. Whether businesses are looking to set

up a temporary off-site shelter, expand operational capacity or host an event, the container shelter can meet this need, making it a versatile asset for any business.

Easy transportability

A container shelter is transportable around the country. Hence, container domes require a one-off investment but can be used across several projects – therefore, businesses can spread the cost across multiple projects. Shipping containers are designed to be transported, hence businesses can have the containers transported and stored for several projects down the road. Container shelters make the perfect long-term investment because they can be used across different projects.

Adjustable storage space

Container shelters have adjustable storage spaces and come with any design, ranging from a canopy with the shipping containers as a foundation to an enclosed space with end walls. The right service provider can design different shelters depending on the spatial requirements of their client. Hence, businesses will not have to deal with a one size fits all option and, instead, choose the arrangement that suits their needs.

Find the perfect container shelter

A container shelter is a perfect investment for any business looking for a sturdy, versatile off-site shelter. Container domes are the perfect investment for businesses because they offer tremendous value for their initial expense. Businesses across different industries can expand their business capacity without having to spend on a crippling capital expense upfront. If you’re a business in need of a container shelter, rest assured that it can be the perfect solution for affordable business expansion and keeping project costs under control.

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