26ft (8m) Quicklock Front Wall Door/Winch (Universal)

26ft (8m) Quicklock Front Wall Door/Winch (Universal)

26ft (8m) Quicklock Front Wall Door/Winch (Universal)

10-Year Warranty on the frame and 650GSM heavy-duty front cover.

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This high quality PVC UV resistant fabric Front Wall with door adds the finishing touch to any dome shelter currently set up with an End Wall configuration. Now you have complete protection from all weather events, and have a secure, safe dry area for warehousing, machinery storage and even a protected area for site personnel.

This custom-built Front Wall will also fit any Quality Domes Direct Dome Shelter with a 20ft/8m span (opening), including a 40ft Container Dome shelter (8m wide opening x 12m long).


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26ft/8m Wide Front Wall with Door and Mechanical Winch. A comprehensive enclosure solution that transforms any dome shelter into a fortified workspace.

Upgrade your dome shelter with our premium Front Wall with Door and Mechanical Winch, designed to offer unparalleled protection and convenient, safe access. Crafted from high-quality, UV-resistant, and fire retardant PVC fabric, this addition not only completes your dome shelter but transforms it into a totally sealed environment and protects whatever is inside against the elements. Whether facing rain, sun, or wind, rest assured your equipment, materials, and personnel are safeguarded within a secure, dry, and safe environment.

Our innovative Front Door setup integrates seamlessly with a Quality Domes Direct dome shelter already configured with an End Wall, ensuring a snug fit and complete weatherproofing. The inclusion of a mechanical winch simplifies opening and closing, providing easy access without compromising on security or durability.

This Front Wall addition is ideal for a multitude of industries and uses, from warehousing and machinery storage to creating a protected workspace for site personnel, this front wall solution enhances your operational efficiency. Its UV protection ensures longevity and color retention, while the fire retardant properties offer an added layer of safety, making it an indispensable addition to sites in the construction, agriculture, mining, and logistics sectors.

Quality Domes Direct 10 x 10 year warranty logo

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