40ft (12m) Quicklock End Wall

40ft (12m) Quicklock End Wall

40ft (12m) Quicklock End Wall

10-Year Warranty on the end wall frame and 650GSM heavy-duty rear cover.

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Strong and touch End Wall for Shipping Container Dome Shelter. 40ft (12m) Fixed Tube End Wall. Solid Steel Frame Construction. 10-Year Warranty.


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40ft (12m) Quicklock End Wall

Elevate the functionality and security of your Quality Domes Direct dome shelter with our advanced back/end wall unit. Engineered with precision for exceptional protection against environmental challenges, this end wall spans 12 meters/40 feet in width and is crafted using high-specification 600GSM PVC fabric that is UV-resistant, fire retardant, and mold-resistant. The material’s formulation is strategically designed to withstand the severe and unpredictable climatic conditions of Australia, serving as an effective barrier against wind, rain, and other detrimental environmental factors.

This back wall unit is fully compatible with any Quality Domes Direct dome shelter kit tailored for a 12-meter/40-foot opening, including both 20-foot and 40-foot container configurations. Incorporation of this end wall significantly boosts the security of the shelter, ensuring a dry, safe, and shielded environment. The structure of the end wall is supported by a galvanized steel tube frame, increasing both the robustness and the structural integrity of the shelter—key factors in the protection of vital equipment, materials, and personnel across varied sectors such as construction, agriculture, mining, and logistics.

The fire retardant properties of the end wall are crucial for compliance with stringent Workplace Health and Safety standards, providing essential safety in environments prone to the use of open flames, welding operations, or where other heightened protective measures are necessary. The design of the back wall facilitates straightforward assembly and integrates seamlessly with the shipping container sides and the roof truss arch. Enhanced stability and security are ensured by anchoring the base rails to the ground, with all necessary fittings provided.

End Wall Roping & Fastening Methodology

Our method for attaching the end wall PVC fabric cover to the dome shelter framework employs a meticulous roping and angle plate fastening system designed to ensure maximum durability and stability. This process is carried out with the following steps:

  1. Roping Mechanism: The fabric cover is first attached using a heavy-duty rope that is threaded through reinforced eyelets along the edges of the PVC material. This roping technique allows for even distribution of tension across the entire surface of the fabric, significantly reducing the risk of tearing under high wind loads or other environmental stresses. It also provides a flexible attachment method that can accommodate slight movements and adjustments without compromising the integrity of the seal.
  2. Securing with Angle Plates: To reinforce the connection, angle plates are strategically positioned at key junctions between the fabric and the frame. These angle plates are made from high-grade galvanized steel, offering superior strength and resistance to corrosion. They are bolted to both the frame and the roped edges of the fabric, creating a robust linkage that fortifies the entire structure against dynamic loads and impacts.
  3. Engineering Benefits: This dual-method approach of using both roping and angle plates provides several engineering advantages:
    Enhanced Load Distribution: The combination of flexible roping with rigid angle plates disperses stress more evenly throughout the structure, reducing localized stress points and prolonging the lifespan of the fabric.
  4. Increased Structural Integrity: The angle plates ensure a firm mechanical connection to the frame, significantly enhancing the overall structural integrity of the assembly.
    Weather Resistance: The secure attachment system is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring that the shelter remains watertight and intact even in harsh environments.
  5. Compliance and Safety: This method not only meets but exceeds industry standards for safety and durability, ensuring compliance with rigorous engineering specifications required in various applications, particularly in sectors such as construction, mining, and agriculture where reliability is critical.


END Wall Dimensions
W (m) H (m)
12 7.1 – 7.4

Hot-dip galvanised steel tube frame, bolted together for a strong and durable wall


650GSM 3-Ply PVC Commercial Fabric. Waterproof, UV and fire resistant.

Packing Case Size
L (m) W (m) H (m) (kg)
1.90 0.70 0.40 300


  • 8 year warranty on cover
  • 10 year warranty on structure

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